The Devil’s Slide on Lundy Island

In late August, Mark, Jamie, Kate, Cyrano and I accompanied Tim and his boat to Lundy Island to climb the Devil’s Slide. We had been planning this trip for a while but trying to match tides, weather and availability was always a problem. To get it all done in a day meant an early start from home to catch the high tide at Appledore. The sea was a little rougher than expected on the outward journey but we were accompanied by a pod of dolphins. We arrived at the same time as a boat load of tourists from Ilfracombe. Fortunately, none of them were climbers.

The climb was as good as I remembered; clean granite in an wonderful position although there was definitely a shortage of good, quality protection. We returned via the Marisco Tavern for a beer before heading back to get the boat. We were fortunate to have a much calmer return journey. It was one of those days made memorable by amazing experiences and excellent company!

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